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Daily business

Photovoltaic and storage system solutions

Our company specialises in the installation of photovoltaic systems and the construction of our storage systems. We take care of everything from system planning and the installation of solar modules to the complete electrical installation.

In addition to our day-to-day tasks, we are always excited by new challenges.
Here are a few projects from the last ten years that we are very proud to have realised:

Festival: Ton ohne Strom (Sound without electricity)

In summer 2023, we have developed a storage system for a festival in Ansbach that will ensure a self-sufficient power supply throughout the festival. If there is not enough electricity, the artists will have to carry on with more physical energy but no electrical power.

However, this is exactly what our storage system with PV system has prevented.

Hydrogen container Cape Town

In spring 2023, we shipped our hydrogen container, which we developed and constructed with the company Umstro, to Cape Town ready for operation. The container will be used to store surplus energy in hydrogen tanks and make it available again on days when there is little sun and wind.


Railway in "Schwäbisch Gmünd"

Instead of a 900 kg lead-acid battery, the railway now runs on a 95 kg lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery. In combination with a PV system on the roof of the railway, it is almost self-sufficient.

Self-sufficient systems

Thanks to our storage system and a PV system, the house in the picture on the left is completely independent of the electricity grid. In an emergency, the house is also equipped with a diesel generator, but according to the owners, this is rarely needed.

Autarke Anlagen

Dank unseren Speichers und einer Pv-Anlage ist das Haus im Bild links komplett unabhängig vom Stromnetz. Im Notfall ist das Haus zwar auch noch mit einem Diesel Aggregat ausgestattet, jedoch wird dieser nach Angaben der Besitzer kaum benötigt.

Home storage system in Indien

The largest battery system in which we were involved is located in Haryana, India. 15 battery storage units, each with 44 kWh, are to ensure the energy supply for the Om Shanti Retreat Centre. This makes it the first energy storage project on a megawatt scale in India.

40" Hydrogen fuel cell laboratory

FES Field Lab is a mobile storage power plant and serves the Ostwestfalen Lippe University of Applied Sciences in analysing and researching chemical forms of storage. Together with our partner company Umstro, we have developed a container that can store energy generated by the sun and wind in a hydrogen bundle or a battery storage unit. It is also optimally equipped for research purposes.